Emma Dutson coming from a farming background loves her animals, especially her sheep! She travels around the UK showing her best looking sheep from her Echo Hill flock at countryside shows. 

After seeing one of our adverts Emma approached B-Stitch looking for clothing suitable for a more professional look to wear at all the Countryside shows. We were excited to assist her with sheep logos and colours combinations. Emma decided she would like polos, padded gilet, fleece jacket and hoodies.

Then we at B-Stitch suggested Why don’t we create a logo using headshots of your favourite three sheep, like the famous painting of the ‘Three Kings’ in horse racing?

Emma’s reaction was an excitable “Can you ACTUALLY do that? How? I love this idea it makes it more personal! “

Like all of us Emma had thousands of photos on her phone of her animals, but which ones to choose? I instantly had hundreds to choose from arrive in my WhatsApp app. 

Finally we decided on three photos which when sat next to each other on the screen looked well balanced and we all agree the final product below more than meets the brief.

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